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My PZ400 pizza ovens door weights needed attention.  The door weights are made to counterweight the pizza door for opening and closing, but also to stop the door from over opening and stressing out the two hinges.  If the weights do not bottom out on the inside of the door frame soon enough when you open the door, the door will over open and than put the hinges in a bind stressing them out.  The weights and brackets were way off, so I shortened them up and set the proper angles.  Than I re tig welded them up for a perfect fit.  I could have made them look a bit prettier, but time was of essence.  I wanted to fire the oven up.  (:  I am actually going to pull the weights off the door and make them look a bit prettier with some stainless rod and my welder on the next rain day.  I wish the QC was a bit more on an oven so expensive is all!  This is a simple catch during the build of the oven.  Other than that,  I am very happy!


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My friend has this furnace and he has had these difficulties, but he is still struggling with it. I'll send him your message, I'm sure he'll be happy to.

I had the experience and desire to build my own furnace, but in the end, I had only bad luck, so recently I was disappointed with this idea and I choose the usual built-in furnace, which can be built into the wall and not waste my time.

Have you had any experience in creating stone or clay ovens?

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