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I agree with Padrefan. I did a couple over the weekend and pulled them after they had been FTC'd for 3 hours. They pulled like butter. I bagged everything and added a little finishing sauce to each baggy for later in the week.
Dang, now I'm hungry!
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I agree with Padre and VASlim. Pull first and package. If you have a Vacuum sealer, I would pull and package in Vac Packs with a little liquid of choice and vac seal. You can reheat in a pan of warm water and open and serve. EASY!! Otherwise just time your cook to come off just before you leave and FTC and transport.... Pull before you serve....
One point to consider. As SOON as you start pulling, they will lose heat and moisture. So reheating will dry them out.

If I'm going your route, I cook, leave whole then reheat, then pull, but that's only IF I have the time to pull at the destination.

Key is to think about how you'll reheat. Solve that and you can go with either method.
Got to go with Smokin',as usual.Here in the South sholders/butts are a part of most cookouts and so common we don't have to think about it.

We would leave whole,reheat at 250*,and hold in hot box.Pull as needed.

Stays much better and should take no more than 5 mins each to pull.

Now,if you are just delivering and leaving,we would pull and pan it.
Originally posted by Padrefan98:
... hot pulled pork instead of warm. Just me.

No right or wrong way, it's all good eats.

The key for me is to keep the meat from drying out by pulling it. I personally don't like it soaking in a liquid (but guess it depends on how much you add.

Need a definition of hot vs warm please. If you like it hot, just warm it to a hotter temp.

Kept them whole (mostly)... After normal cooking + FTC for a few hours, wrapped and cooled in ice. Then to refer overnight. Packed in ice for the trip the next day. Warmed whole that afternoon at 250 deg until hot, Pulled just before serving.

Results: not quite as good as fresh, but had people in line for seconds before everyone had been served the first time!

Thanks for all your input... This forum is invaluable.

Originally posted by Pags:
Pretty soon we'll have nicknames like Smokin Okie, MaxQue, RibDog....or Tom. Cool

No time like the present. Though there might be a protocol for nicknames. I will leave that to the pro's. But if yours doesn't include something about nuts or almonds it would be ashame! I have gotten the most raves from your almond recipe. I am going to start tweeking it a bit. Like adding some tobasco or maybe some louisiana sauce.

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