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2 racks of lamb total weight 3.5 lbs

Trimmed excess fat

Started with a sprinkling of granulated garlic followed by Willingham’s Wham seasoning fairly heavy.  If you are unfamiliar with this seasoning it is unique.  Smells just like Worcestershire sauce.    

I smoked 2 racks with maple at 225 F for about an hour up to 125 degrees IT, then onto a super hot grill for a couple minutes to add a bit of char. While on the grill I mopped them with a little mix of olive oil/red wine vinegar to create some flare ups.

Final internal temp was 135 IT.

Rested, then sliced and served.

Result was amazing.  Everyone enjoyed seconds.  Definitely worth your time to try.  
None of our family had it before this and everyone was beyond impressed with the results.  E7E909C3-364B-43FF-99B4-794B35002FBB0E42E310-CDA7-4659-A9FC-1955AFEE7AF1


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  • E7E909C3-364B-43FF-99B4-794B35002FBB
  • 0E42E310-CDA7-4659-A9FC-1955AFEE7AF1
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