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I have had great success in smoking almonds but now I need to try something new. My wife bought some raw pecans and walnuts. I have no idea of what kind of wood to use. Do I just smoke and salt, or do I add spices? I smoke the almonds with hickory and would like to use different wood for the pecans/walnuts. As always, I appreciate the great help you all offer. Turbodad
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What is inferno spice? It sounds hot, and I'm a big fan of hot.

By the way, I've haven't smoked any nuts yet, but a flavor I like with walnuts is cranberry. I wonder if you could marinate the walnuts in cranberry juice with a handful of dried cranberries to pick up some of the flavor. Then drain, season, toss in a little butter, and smoke.
Originally posted by TN Q:
Turbo, you should be fine with the butter and spice mix; check salt in spices for the need of added salt and be careful with amount of butter so they don't get too greasy.

Skip, I suggest cranberry syrup with the walnuts; add seasoning, heat in nonstick pan and spread on Frogmat to smoke.

That sounds like the ticket, TN Q. The syrup will add the sweet component, and it'll stick to the nuts. Thanks!

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