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Hi All - I picked up the seasoned brisket flat shown in the attached picture from Sam's Club and it was really good.  I smoked following the directions on the package (250 degrees in smoker for 2 hours, wrap in foil, and cook until 201 degrees, which probably took 3 or 4 hours wrapped if I had to guess) except I didn't bother with using a small container of water in the smoker.  I used hickory wood.  It had a nice level of spiciness (probably a little bit too salty though) and I want to try to replicate the seasoning recipe.  It was a wet paste rather than a dry rub.

Here were the ingredients:  Seasoning [Sea salt, spices, dehydrated garlic, ground coffee, dehydrated onion, sugar, dried chipotle pepper, dried ancho chile pepper, dried guajillo chile pepper, natural flavors, soybean oil (processing aid), mushroom powder]; canola oil, vinegar powder (to preserve quality), rosemary extract.

Does that sound like any sort of seasoning that you have previously tried and come across anywhere?




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Had to do with being cancelled on the internet. You might be able to
search some info on the owner Michael Trump of Oakridge BBQ. They weren't
getting any orders and didn't know why until finding out folks couldn't
search for the company I believe. He took orders to be filled up to the
end of 2022. Said he would fill any orders he had but wouldn't take

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