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Well, I made my first attempt at a picnic over the weekend. I trimmed the hide off, rubbed it, let it sit in the fridge over night. got up at 6, had it on the fire by 7:30. cooked it for four hours, then sprayed it with apple juice, wrapped it in foil and put it back for another four. took it off at 4:30, wrapped it in fresh foil and a towel and put in an ice chest for two hours. at 6:30, i opened it up. it was the best smell of anything that i've ever cooked. the bark was wonderful, so full of flavor. the inside wasn't what i was expecting though. i was expecting more stringier i guess. this was kinda mushy and blocky. it didn't just pull apart, but was very tender; very easy to cut with a knife.
the taste wasn't all that great as i expected either.
i think i may not have cooked it long enough.
not sure of the weight, guessing 6 lbs. wasn't able to get a very accurate reading on my cheap walmart brand meat thermometer, but i know it was around 190.
any thoughts as to what went wrong.
also, i have a big bowl full of this stuff in the fridge, is there any way to salvage it, or should i toss it and try again?
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Find Smokin's pork baste,or his most basic vinegar,or a light sauce of your choice, and get you a basic rub.

Even Lawry's seasoned salt ain't bad.

Chop it to the consistency you like,mix with a little of the vinegar sauce and Lawry's ,to taste.

A little chopped onion,some dill,pickle,and a tiny bit of slaw on the side.

A cold beverage,a spoon o' beans,and a little tater salad and you will be close.

Picnic cooks a little different than a butt and lends itself to slicing.

It is a little "hammier"than a butt and pulls a little different.

Try to slide the bone around and the meat is pretty near ready.

195� may have got you closer to pullable.

Much above 190�-195� and it can start to dry on you.

Never toss smoked pork.

There are dozens of great ways to utilize it.
Unfortunatley for $4.00 you only get a thermometer that goes down to 50 degrees.
I have tried not shopping at walmart; that was the week i fasted. That is literally the only store in this town. They shut down everything else a couple years back when they went 'super'.
sometimes corporate bigwhigs come down from New York to visit our call center and they ask us what there is to do for entertainment. It doesn't matter who they ask, anyone here will say 'walmart'.

Also, in response to what Tom said:
I would probably be happier with a boston butt next time? i was looking at the two at walmart and one was a lot bigger for a little bit more money, so i went with the bigger.
Yep,pork is high right now and stores are promoting picnics.

You can get good results with a picnic.

It has more tendons,less interpersed fat for moisture,more bone,is a little hammier,and won't handle as high internal heat as a butt.

Seems like stores are more likely to inject them with salt water,so you are paying a higher price per meat portion.

The meat dept will cut the butts in two,for the ladies wanting a small roast.

If they promote country ribs,pork steaks,etc. then they are receiving cases of butts in 2 pack cryovac.

Ask and they will sell to you .

Look for sales,as they freeze well.

Like Bama says it works well in stews.

There are restaurants that cook whole shoulders,so you are getting a picnic & a butt.

Some cook an extra butt with a shoulder.

I'm doing a jambalaya this weekend and some will find its way from the freezer.

If you can find a Target,they have a good selection of Taylors.

Bed ,Bath and & Things usually have pyrex brand.
Lowe's,Home Depot,etc.,often have therms with stoves or bbq equipment.

Hope this helps a little.

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