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recently went to Dallas with my wife for a couple of days and was able to visit "Sonny Bryans" on Inwood.
started to eat the brisket and the pulled pork, but once I tried the sausage....WOW.
cannot wait to try sausage in my smokette. I'm not sure how or where to start but a search didn't really come up with much in the 008 catagory.
would appreciate any tips or suggestions. Im trying to figure out if I should "cold smoke" the sausages and then cook them a seperate way or just put raw sausages in the smokette and cook/smoke till it reaches the desired internal.
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I'm looking forward to smoking homemade sausage in my Amerique. I haven't tried it yet, and I may wait until late October when temps start dropping here in Dallas. I can't get the temperature in my house under 80 right now. The best I could do today was 82, maybe because I was heating up the kitchen putting up tomatoes and peppers from my garden.

It's been about a year since I've eaten at Sonny Bryan's on Inwood. The sausage was pretty good. I didn't think much of the brisket.

By the way, there is a subforum devoted to sausage making.
There are plenty of Texas places that will ship. "Most" Texas ones I know of are more of a Beef Sausage.

Elgin Sausage used to be great, it's in all the stores down there, but they seem to have gone down.

Whenever I'm in Texas, I visit the local Grocery and see what's there.

Johnsonville they are not... and that's a good thing.

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