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This is a 6 drawer tool chest purchased at Menards for approx. $320. Very well built, has rubber mats on each shelf and holds just about everything I need for Q'ing. Made by MasterForce - - 26 inch wide. I bought small plastic containers to hold wood and keep 6 different woods. The top shelf is pretty much empty and there is room in two other shelves, one of which just has frogmats at the moment. Very happy with it and it cleaned up my Q area greatly.


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Have you checked out the "Show Us Your Smoker Setup" in the Cookshack Open Forum? Plenty of ideas there. Check out my post. I'm very satisfied with my cart from Sam's. Heavy duty, sturdy, plenty of storage for wood and barbecue items.

I would have posted the link directly for you, but this comment box doesn't allow it.
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The cart would be sturdy enough for my 055 but I think the whole setup would be a bit top-heavy and the smoker would sit too high.

My smoker is on a $90 table I mail-ordered from Walmart if I recall correctly. All of this is sitting on my 2nd story deck which is under a roof overhang so I don't need to cover anything.

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