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Next butt I do, I think I'll avoid the rub. Maybe only salt, pepper....and garlic salt.

The paprika, brown sugar, chili pepper, etc,etc, etc is beginning to irritate me. Overwhelms the meat.

It's good. But, it's almost too good. Make sense? Lot's of layers of flavor, like expensive wine.

Looks good, too. The conventional rub seems to help with that bark.

But, it's all like a big old confection. Meat taste is virtually lost.

I'm going back to the simple ways...
(At least one time.)

P.S. I wonder if a heavy rub is mandatory for competion Q. Hmmmmmm.

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It appears you're opinionatin',so I'll opine.

I figure you're tryin' to get a balance of heat,sweet,and salt to tickle all them tastin' areas and hopefully enhance the meat.

The comp cooks are all so good today,that a % here or there is all that determines the winner.

To see several score in the same % is not unusual.

To me all this bred the same,fed the same ,housed the same pork,tastes the same.

They also need to grab the judge in one or two bites.

It is like a course exam where 95% of the students score over 95% and we're just waitin' on that little essay at the end.

The judgin' for presentation should be a given and you shouldn't lose any points there.Some nice pieces of bark mixed in always looks nice.

Almost all the cooks can cook a butt tender,without turnin' it to mush.

Now we're down to taste.What subtle taste makes your's stand apart ,without offending.

Does your's only need a little salt to bring out the flavor?

Would a tiny bit of acid in the sauce brighten it?

Remember that little bark mixed into a large meat mass has to carry all your thoughts on smoke and flavors.

You know I kinda feel the same way. I thinking maybe less is more. And doesnt one of your family own a barbecue restaurant and use minimal ingredients in the rub?

I like the House Of Blues ribs...they have a simple rub on them and they taste very good with the Jack Daniels sauce.

I am going to try some of that less is more technique and let you know how it goes...

I guess it's too late for me this time around. I "jacked it up" and did the Emeril Live idea and par boiled 6 racks of ribs in Zatarans crab boil, then used Smokin's "best ribs in the universe" rub for 24 hours. They go on the CS tomorrow morning for a whole "mess" of in-laws.

d9 Big Grin

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