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Having only been smoking since August I have to say that I have learned a lot on this forum especially from SmokinOkie. Seeing Smokin talk about his current rub he's using for Turkey I got to thinking that I wouldn't know just where to start on putting together a rub from scratch since I really don't know what effect different spices/seasonings would have on the different types of meats.

So that leads me to thinking that maybe we can start a thread that could then be built into a new "Rubs101" document to help us newbies who hardly know their backside froma hole in the ground if there isn't a recipe to follow.

Good/bad idea???

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Originally posted by Pags:
Ditto on the idea.

In the meantime get "Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces". Excellent book on spices, rubs, marinades, and sauces. It has a great section on building rubs from scratch including ideas on what ingredients to balance and some ideas for very good rubs. It can be bought in paperback on Amazon.

Pags, Thank You. Hopefully it isn't too late to get this on Mrs. Claus shopping list.
We've actually done this a couple of times, let me track down some threads if I get a break.

Might not be a true "Rubs 101" as I go overboard on those, but would be worth some effort.

Paul's book is a good start, that's where I started, had that book about 10 years or so.

Here's one we started on building a Chicken Rub

I'll think about a layout of Rubs 101 and we can build something. Winter's a good time, might take a while but we can all research and add info.

Just off the cuff, maybe a 101 on the basics of rub components and what they provide flavor wise...salt, sugar, heat, spice. Then maybe a sub-category, a la Paul Kirk, of 10 (+/-) examples of each category.

In terms of the forum, I would love to have access to contributions from other members/lurkers in terms of their' favorite rub recipes and how they're applied.

I know, what I'm asking for probably flies in the face of keeping the forum concise and organized but I'm sure Smokin will find a way to prevail, as he always does.
Originally posted by MaxQue:
... I would love to have access to contributions from other members/lurkers in terms of their' favorite rub recipes and how they're applied.

Not sure that would work for a 101, probably a whole separate topic. You also would probably have to either have one post, list whatever rub and tell why, or have a post in each section.

Rubs are so subjective to taste, it's hard when some says they like it, for them to define it.

I'll keep thinking about it, maybe even make a new forum category "rubs" so we can talk ingredients, etc, etc.

Good idea Tom, you got me thinking now... oh great... watch out Big Grin
I like rubs as much as the next guy and it is nice to kinda know what effects some products have on different cooking subjects.

Also,how long ,or hot cooks affect them.

A couple thoughts to go along with this are that some folks have done a fine job already and we can purchase their products less expensively than making our own.

Now,some folks will say that that takes away from our own creativity and that could be true.

The things I,like many beginning cooks do,is spend 3-4 days working on a sauce,etc when I could be learning to cook the meat.

Often,well cooked food that isn't damaged by our addition of seasoning is more important than poorly cooked food that had great focus on the seasoning.

Just a couple of thoughts. Smiler

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