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after reading about the debacle here in jacksonville (re; jacksonville,fl faba contest) which i first saw on the national bbq news forum there is thought that keeps hanging up in my head and i would like your ideas on this.
does a sanctioning body have a responsiblity to the competitors in this case?
my thoughts are divided as follows;
1- if the body took no money to sanction the event then of course they are not responsible.
2- if however the promotor paid the body, then to what degree is the body laible?? to what degree are the individuals that make up the board responsible (in the case of corporate boards this was decided years ago by the supreme court)
my own feelings on this are the body should pay the prize money to every winner and 17.5 cents a mile to anyone that entered. since the body made money from giving their name to this event it was encumbent upon them to ensure the viability of the promotor.
this one is really bothering me as the contest was so close and really could have put our area on the map. i do however thank billy bones for his advice on contests when we were just starting up as his advice on this subject has never failed us.
any thoughts would be appreciated. i am not trying to gore any oxes here.
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Since not everyone knows about the "debacle in jacksonville?" what are you talking about?

Basically a promoter didn't pay the money owed the city or the teams.

Looks like it's been discussed to death over there in that forum, just point people there. And you didn't compete, so what's the discussion here, just rehashing the issue?

And you said FABA, isn't that FBA?

I'm just not into rehashing threads that already get some controversy in another forum.
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this was an FBA sanctioned contest here in jacksonville florida. the promotor owes over 100k to everyone, a link to the local news was given 11 slots down from this one under jacksonville fba contest. funny part is this was given weeks ago in the national bbq news and after driving 2200 miles while on vacation i was able to formulate a coherent sentence for this one as my own feeling was this had the potential to match memphis in may and the outcome was quite different

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