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So here's the deal . . Want to start making sausage. Got a grinder and mixer attachment. Played around with Chuck . . now ground chuck, Whole turkey, now ground turkey . . So let's let the fun begin.

Interested in a "sausage"recipe for summer, breakfast or whatever. Can get cheap pork butts etc. . .

Opinions please.
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If you're interested in smoked sausage, get a primer on sausage casing, meat prep (including curing salts), stuffing fixtures or attachments, and the process for smoking sausage in whatever type of smoker you will use. It is definitely a learning process. Luckily, there are lots of resources out there.

Try searching the forum - there are hundreds of posts from experts on smoked sausage making over the years.

Just my personal opinion: beef, turkey, chicken just don't make good sausage without lots of added fat. I stick with pork.

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