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The 5 lb butts could take 7.5 hrs as the meat will plateau at around 170* for 2-3 hrs while the fat renders. 90 minutes per pound is not unusual. Your briskett will take roughly 70 minutes per pound, maybe longer.

They're done when their done, but if you think 3.5 hrs is long, you've got a longer wait. Based on your posting time, you may have already figured this out. We often start pork butt and brisket smokes the night before we want to eat.

Have you read Pork Butt 101 and Brisket 101? Read the forum topics on each meat also. Ton of information.
The unit is a lemon.
CS is sending me a new one it will be here Monday.
Temp climbed after 4.5 hrs on meat therm to 175
and cooker temp was only showing numbers from 190 all the way to 215. I opened it up at 6 hrs and that oven was HOT, Hotter than HOT.
I'll put it to the side and wait for my new unit.
The outlets all ohm out at 120 and are working as advertised.

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