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I decided to buy another pork shoulder yesterday to smoke in my model 55. In my first pork shoulder, I smoked it for 14 hours using 4 oz of hikory (skin on, facing up).

While the first pork shoulder was great (very tender while shredding it) but I did find it a bit greasy or should I say fatty.

I was thinking about pulling off the pork skin this time to reduce the amount of fat cooking through the pork shoulder. Or may be just smoking the pork shoulder skin side down?

So, what do you think?
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Thanks for the info. The pork shoulder is in the smoker (10:00pm eastern)...I removed the skin and the extra fat, applied my dry rub and using 4 oz of oak. The last time I did this it took 14 hours, tonight it suppose to go down to 36 will be interesting to see if my pork shoulder finishes in 14 hours. I will let you know how my pork shoulder version 2.0 comes out.
Here's the results....I took the pork shoulder out after 14.5 hours and the internal temp was 190. The results were good....I found the pork shoulder not as greasy.

Although, I did find I had more dried out meat...I think next time I will try doing a mop. But if I do this, I will probably extend the cooking time? Also, how many times should I open the smoker to mop it?

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