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My second time to smoke on my FEC 100. Weather very cool in south Mississippi (30). Put on Saturday at 7:30PM and took off Sunday at 4PM. Cooked 224 till Sunday and could not get the Pork and Beef temperature up pass 150 so turn up the Heat to 250 for six hours. Finally got it up to 180. Wrap with foil and put in Chest for hour. Turn out great but will cook in the cool weather hotter maybe 275. Welcome any commits. Sawyer39560


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Well, cal doesn't own an FE, but he has a point.

The cold weather will have no effect on the cooker UNLESS you point that vent hole into any wind, then it tends to draw out a low of heat, but the smoker will still run to keep the inside at what temp you set it at, regardless.

That much meat, when did you check it and it was only 150?

Keep in mind, that much meat and cold will take a while to get up to temp.

But do what you did and turn up the temp at a certain point. I run mine at 250 most times with that much, with all that grease dripping, I don't get anything drying out.

How much did you open it?

Also, you said it was your second cook, have you checked the temps (not using the controller, but verifying the temps with a remote probe).
Cal and SmokinOkie I did uses a remote probe and it NEVER GOT up pass 150 and I preset the FEC to 180 which never got their. I did not open the door but One time after 12 hours. I really think my problem was the direction of the FEC letting the North wind blowing at the pipe letting the heat out. I have been reading about the ash blowing around and I noticed this in mine. This was the wind. So I went to Home Depot today and a elbow and top stovepipe. I will see if this works. Thanks so much for your help. Lenny

Bear with us, we have to ask a lot of basic questions, I've certainly been through this enough to know.

What never got past 150, the meat or the cooker?

If it's the cooker, then you need to do some more tests. Regardless of the wind (we have more wind/cold than you do) it wouldn't keep it down at that temp without an issue.

What prode did you use (probe with the IQ or something else)?
Have you tested it (they do go bad)?
Have you run just the smoker, probe only to see what temp you get inside of the smoker?

It's new, so you need to just test it out to see if there's some other issue.

Turn it on, set it for 250, empty and and check it in an hour, then once an hour.

If you're worried about the wind, turn it so it doesn't face the wind.

If it doesn't get to within 250 soon, between the first and second hour AND you're certain your temp probes are on (not the ones on the IQ readout, a separate remote probe) then call CS.

I've cooked on an IQ, in 4" of sleet and 10 degrees and had no problem getting or keeping temp.

With a new one, we just need to make sure it's all working fine.

We'll get you there.

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