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What about a sticky post for everyone to post their Smoker setup???????

I would be very interested in seeing what people are using and how they constructed their area.

Thoughts??? SmokinOkie, are you still the head guy on this forum???

Mine is a temp setup until the deck is built this summer, but it works.


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Originally posted by dmaclaren:
Thoughts??? SmokinOkie, are you still the head guy on this forum???

Nah, I'm still the head Dishwasher and I do take out the trash when needed Smiler

I made it a sticky, thanks for the suggestion.

If needed, anyone can email me the photo and I'll make it available to everyone or you can post it via the Forum process to add a photo to your posts.

Here's mine, and don't ask me how I built it, because I can't remember!

It works great, though. How about that nice green colored pine? I got the tin of stain out of the clearance bin at Home Depot.

The only problem with my design is that marauding animals can pull the drip pan out and lick it dry (after making a big mess, of course). I have to remember to remove it if it is replete with the likker.


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Sam's Club Online:
24 in. x 30 in. x 34 in. Stainless Steel #984022 $71.62

24 in. x 24 in. x 34 in. Stainless Steel 984015 $63.63

items subtotal $135.25

shipping subtotal $76.00

tax subtotal $16.18

order total $227.43

Cut 24x24 table legs to your desired height.
Not a bad price for SS work tables (galv. legs and bottom shelf)

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