Just guessing. About 30%. I cut mine into 4ths. Smoke them for about 2-3 hours then cube the meat up and put into pans with what ever liquid you want. Use the tooth pick test for doneness. It takes longer than you might think, maybe 7-8 hours. It should them be shreadable if that is what you want.

I use mine for "fake" burnt ends.  They turn out great!  

Poke holes with knife, season and soak in worcestershire sauce over night.
Smoke for 7-8 hours at 225
Cut into cubes
Roll in Sauce and Re-Season lightly
Cook for 2 hours at 240 (roll about every 30 minutes)
I have finished them in my home oven as well on a cookie sheet using the broiler (roll about every 5 minutes).  This only takes 30 minutes or so... depends on how much caramelization you like.

To answer your question... at 7-8 hours I'm down 45-55%



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