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This is something I am trying. It had been discussed around Thanksgiving with SmokinOkie. This is the first test run using a turkey breast.

Simple Spicy Turkey Brine

½ cup Kosher Salt
½ cup Sugar
1 Gallon Water
2 T Tender Quick
1/4 cup Zatarains Powdered Crab Boil Seasoning

Allow to sit in brine 24 hours for turkey breast, whole turkey for 48 hours. Cook at 250 degree setting until breast gets to 170 internal.
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I cut into the turkey last night. It was very juicy and tasty. It pretty much tasted like other brined turkeys. I was disappointed that the crab boil flavor did not get into the turkey. It had a hint of something different, but no distinct flavor or spicyness. Next time I will increase the powdered crab boil or use liquid crab boil in the brine. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing learned.

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