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I have had my SM150 for some years now it is a 2001 model. Still looks great, but I do like to clean it up really good sometimes and I can never seam to get it looking really clean on the inside. Usually I spray it down with degreaser and pressure wash the inside. Do not know it that is a good idea or not but it has never seamed to affect the working of it.

On the door function I have never gotten the error message that the door is open. It appears to have a magnetic type of switch. Just curious as to why it has never worked. It does not seam to affect the cooking at all.

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C07D9059-BEA8-4F9C-B2F3-048210AE1239Recently picked up a non functional SM150 (2003).  Opened the back and cleaned as many electrical contacts as I could find and bingo…working.  I was wondering the same thing about the door.  Although I do know the heating element will shut off and not work when the door is opened.  It will resume once the door is closed.  No indicator on the control panel as you mentioned.

The upper left portion of the display is out but the remainder of the screen is working enough where I can make out what it’s telling me.  May eventually replace with the new IQ5 controller.  Other that it is in pristine condition for its age.


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  • C07D9059-BEA8-4F9C-B2F3-048210AE1239: Newly acquired SM150
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