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I run 3 different smokers depending on how much meat I need to cook. I have a Good One Pit Boss, FEC-100 and SM-150. While each has it's own cooking characteristics, I am becoming less pleased with the smoke flavor profile of the SM-150. I have tried using chunks, pellets, and most recently 2 of the dried cherry sticks as recommended by other forum members.

The meat off the 150 contains more grease smoke flavor than actual wood smoke flavor. Does anyone have recommendations to get a truer wood smoke flavor? I've tried covering the center of the bottom rack with foil to keep grease off the elements with little avail. I am hesitant to add a water pan to the bottom due to high moisture in the unit already. Would a pan of play sand maybe help?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Mine was used for about 6 years, primarily for pork butts, ribs and an occasionally for brisket and chicken. The primary wood source were Cookshack Hickory chunks...4 oz for ribs, 6 oz for butts & brisket. Chicken was smoked with Cherry...about 2-3 oz.

When using chunks, how much are you using.

I can't say that I ever noticed a "greasy" smoke flavor. The contrast in smoke profile between the 150 and the FEC100 I use now was definitely more predominate, but in a good way.

The 150 was never fully loaded for a cook. I'd typically smoke 2-4 butts, 9-12 racks of ribs, 6-8 chickens or 1-2 briskets...all in separate cooks. How much meat are you smoking per batch?

Short of actually tasting the food you're having problems with, it's difficult to diagnose the issue further. Have you used a CS electric smoker before? If so, in what way is the 150 product different?
I had a used SM008 I got on eBay before I bought my SM150. when I found the SM150 I bought a couple parts and my neighbor and I refurbished the SM008 for him to use. We replaced the old power cord and the chimney element. I used the SM008 twice on his property after the refurb - a real difference in the operation efficiency and flavor after the chimney change... Try that, it's a cheap part and dirt easy to change out (a couple wrenches).

Good luck, I LOVE my SM150. Anytime someone complains about flavor I think WOOD and cleanliness of the smoker itself. The SM150/160 is an outstanding machine...
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The flavor I dislike is the same flavor one would get when cooking on a gas grill vs charcoal. The steak from the charcoal fire has a definitive 'wood' flavor while the gas grill produces a smoke flavor reminiscent of a hot frying pan.

I typically load the unit with 80# of butts or 65# of brisket. The grease drips onto the hood directly above the heating element and vaporizes, giving me the 'grease' smoke flavor.

I can load more flavor wood into the wood box, but then it just oversmokes the meat and turns it black. Also not a preferred flavor profile.

While I have never had a customer complain about flavor, actually just tons of compliments, I still strive for the best possible end product.

@mike, I'm using 2 sticks of the wood you recommend and the inside is brushed down after ever use. Not spotless to impact the seasoning, but clean enough to remove any leftover creosote and clinkers. I'll look into the vent.

max, the FE produces a flavor truer to an offset rig, which doesn't drop grease onto the fire. While the FE does allow grease onto the baffle, I don't get as much undesirable flavor from the FE. Also much better bark and finish color on the FE.

I'm not complaining about the 150, and I am glad everyone else is happy with the results they get. My customers are VERY happy with the results from the 150. I am simply looking for ideas, other than buying another FE, that will get me closer to that which I desire.

I personally won't serve meat off the 150 to my family or at one of my personal events. Guess I'm too picky for my own good. That's what CS will do to a guy.

I appreciate the input and look forward to additional suggestions.

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