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I've smoked single pork butts before on my SM025.  I have 3 to smoke for the Super Bowl.  10lbs, 7 lbs and 6lbs.  Is this volume/weight of meat too much for my smoker? I was thinking one on top and two separated on the lower rack.  Any perspectives/advice?  Any guesses at approximately how long this might take at 250F?

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Before I posted my original question, I noticed some folks who seemed to indicate that multiple butts about the same size would get done about the same time; some noted that multiple items cook faster.  I figure that the 1.5/2 hours per pound rule of thumb would apply to the largest butt, not the grand total.  Any thoughts?

Since largest butt is on the bottom shelf, I would guess they will be all be done about the same time? Personally, I would run it for a few hours around 200*, before raising the temp to around 235*. Like Bobby said, figure time on only one butt, not total weight.

If you hold they together after they are done, they will be good/safe for 6-8hrs with no problem.

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Agree with Cal - if the larger one is done on the lower rack, the upper ones will be done. Three probes would be great if you have them, but pork butt is pretty forgiving - I would go by the largest one on the lower rack and if the temps in each butt differ by a bit I wouldn't worry. Resting time in FTC evens out everything.

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