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So I tried my first Brisket overnight in my second hand Sm150.  Pushed the Brisket button (225 degrees) and let it rip, when I looked in about an hour the temperature on my inkbird was at 295 degrees.  I shut it down and lowered the temp to 165 (fluctuating between 180-210)

What temperature fluctuations should I expect with this smoker? I guess I should have checked this first because now I have no idea what's going on with my brisket lol.

Currently I have the smoker at 195 which is (205 to 262)

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Well I have one probe sitting on one of those little oven holders on the bottom empty grate (this one reads highest obviously) and one in the smoke exit hole on the top.

The one in the exit hole seems to coincide with the temperature setting of when the element cycles on.  For instance smoker is set to 200, goes up to 237 element turns off, smoker drops back to 200, element turns on, back to 237 rinse and repeat.

I would add to what electrotechnical said and say photos help a lot when describing your smoker and probe placement as well as different temp readings.  One other thing, when possible, check your probes in boiling water for the temp at your specific altitude.  Here is a nifty link showing temps.  Sometimes a meter is dead on and sometimes due to age or some other factor, calibration of a new temp probe is needed:

Temperature of Boiling Water

So I checked my thermometer probes and all is good with them.  I made some ribs the other day and just let it do it's thing and it ranged from 225-245 with the ball of aluminum foil. I thought, fine I can use this and it was just my imagination or misunderstanding of how these smokers work.

Last night/ today I'm doing a pork roast and all of the sudden today it's dropping to 145 which is basically the temperature of the roast currently.

I feel like by this temperature this thing ought to be kicking on no matter what.  Kinda disappointed. 

The SM 150 is fairly old.  With the smoker empty, remove wood box and fire it up some night - does the element have a nice bright even glow with no dead spots? If not, a new element is needed. You may also need a new control board; not sure if they are available. There could be a loose connection in the wiring that is not noticeable initially but as the unit heats up, some looseness occurs breaking a connection.  Hard to tell. Here is a link for testing your heating element:

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