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This is my third time using this smoker.

Time and temp set Brisket mode=225 for 12 hours
11 pound butt raw weight.
8 pound butt raw weight.
Yellow mustard
Cookshack Rib rub
Cookshack Spicy Chicken rub
4 oz of Cherry wood
2 oz Mesquite wood

Today I had an Electrician rewire my breaker box.
I now have a dedicated circuit with 20-amp breaker and two outlets one for my SM150 and Amerique.
The smoker looks kind of empty, Im testing the new circuit.
No longer will have to worry about blowing the GFI on my pool : )


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In the last smoke I used 6oz hickory.
This time Mesquite and Cherry wood.
I liked the combination of the two woods the taste was good.
It surprises me that the mesquite wasn't strong or bitter.
My wife and Father did not notice any difference.
Last cook was Head Country rub.
This cook was Cookshack Rib rub and Cookshack Spicy chicken.

Thank you,
Brian E.
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