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Ok, heres the deal. I have been smoking with a model 50 for about 3 years. I decided to buy a 250. Tonight was the first time using it and it came out awfull. In my model 50 i would do ribs for about 5 to 5.5 hours. So i loaded up the 250 with some spares and babybacks and cooked for about 5 hours. Opened it up and they were char cooked! I mean these were the worst ribs I have ever produced. Is the 250 more powerful. it was set at the same temp I use which is 225. Im just curious if I should cut my cooking times due to the size of the machine? Hell, I dont know. Any help would be freat. thanks
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First, you're moving from one cooker to another and they are not the same, so take a few times and experiment.

I don't mean that to sound bad, but EVER time I start learning on a new smoker, I experiment the first few times.

Me, I temp map every smoker, as I want to know if it's cooking at the indicated temps and which racks/spots are hotter than others (if they are)

Have you tested the temp in the 250?

It's not more "powerful" as 225 is the same in all meat, there will be variances in humidity, airflow, etc. Since the 250 has multiple elements, it won't cycle as high or low as the 50.

By char cooked, were they overcooked, black, dry?

How much wood?

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