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I have an SM260. First issue: When I power on the control panel, it says “Flip Flop Error”. You press the start button and it clears. Not sure what this means.
Second issue: My control panel shows 0 degrees, even though I can verify with a remote probe the smoker is heating up. If you let it go, it eventually shuts down on Overtemp alarm. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Flip flop error is caused from a power loss or improper shut down. Always make sure you press and hold the start stop button until it beeps, press the power button on the board then flip the master switch off. On the temp issue that is most commonly caused from a bad connection on the probe but if you can give me a call I can assist in trouble shooting the unit. (800) 423-0698 ask for Tony.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply! I have tried powering down in the sequence you described with the same results. I’ll try again today, maybe I’m overlooking a step.
The loose temp probe makes sense, because it does start to read a temp (not accurately) once the smoker is good and hot, before Overtemp.
I’ll call later today to troubleshoot a little more. Thanks again!

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