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Heard a gnarly noise today from the general vicinity of my Cookshack SM55 while smoking a butt. A crashing kind of noise. Wife heard it too and thought it was me in the basement dropping something. Well........ never found the source of the noise, however, when removing the wood from the smoke box I noticed the box housing seemed awfully loose...... I am posting a photo of the box...

Seems easily moved left to right now. I am not sure, but I seem to remember this housing to be pretty solid - not mobile.

My photo shows my hand touching the housing on the left side...... it easily is pushed to the right and seems kind of "free floating" if a solder point on the left rear has come loose???

My question is......... is the box supposed to be free floating in this fashion?....or is it supposed to be solid?

I know this may sound silly........but I just don't really remember.

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thanks for the response!

likely what occurred.

was simply trying out some oak that a friend had cut for me with nothing else in the smoker.

may have had too much in there.

kinda concerned me.

from what i have read on the forum, this phenomenon could actually harm the smoker - is this true?

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