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I am in the process of seasoning the CS smokette that I bought this weekend. Ton's of smoke produced after 1/2 hour but I noticed that there is a pretty large amount of smoke leaking out around the top of the door. Is this normal? Are there adjustments I need to make? Or should I just leave it alone. If you haven't guessed - I am a newbee to this.
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Good question.

I don't know the answer but my new Amerique leaks smoke around the top of the door also.

I figured I'd eventually call CS and ask 'em. But I'll wait another smoke or two to see if it continues. To be honest, I didn't notice it last time I smoked, but I wasn't hanging around to monitor it.
When it doesn't leak some smoke out,we should worry.

Ever seen a stickburner?Air has to go in someplace and come out another as smoke,or we don't get air to feed the fire.
Cookers leave the exhaust wide open and control airflow at the intake.

See, Cookshack plans ahead. Cool

If they didn't,they would call them crockpots. Big Grin

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