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I bought a boneless pork top loin roast. It didn't have as much of a fat cap as I wanted so I asked the butcher to slice me off another piece off a different roast. Which he gladly did.

I'm going to put a rub on the meat. Should I toothpick the fat onto the roast before I put the rub on or just rub the roast then put the cap on when it's time to cook?

The roast is only a bit over 3 1/2 pounds. What would your recommendations be for a cooking temp and what is the final temp of a pork, (180*F)?

I'm debating over smoking it or just grilling it indirectly as I'm sure it will turn out that way too. The roasts I make on my grill have been said to die for. But if I'm gonna smoke it I better think about getting going.


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Don, Pork loin does not lend itself well to low and slow. IMHO I'd use the indirect grilling method, or better still use a rotisserie and do it indirect. Also, since pork has a tendency to be sort of dry I'd brine it for about four hours. There's a good "Brining 101" page on this site that will tell you all about it. As to the extra fat, that's your call. I brine and indirect rotisserie and the lack of fat is never a problem. As to the spices I'd use only salt and fresh cracked pepper. Anything else will just get in the way of the taste of the meat. If you do decide to go indirect, cook it at about 325 to 350 degrees and take it to 140 degrees internal, double wrap in foil and allow to rest about 30 minutes before slicing.

And that's my two bits worth.

The folks above have given some good specific advice to your questions.

I'd like to recommend that you use the cookbook to get your tastebuds going and for the ingredients for recipes,ONLY.

Even more strongly,I'd recommend you read the archives on the product,and read Smokin's 101 s about the techniques.

Smokin' Okie's BBQ Gguides

This will allow you to come on and say the product was great,but I have one small question to make it fantastic.

We can then, usually, give you the specific advice,you are seeking.

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