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Here's the situation. Driving about 3 hours to a barbecue tomorrow (the northeastern kind on a grill). I offered to smoke some spare ribs. Since I like to finish my ribs with the sauce on the grill, I figure I can smoke here, transport, and then grill.

My questions is this. Would it be better to smoke them tonight, refrigerate, transport cold, and then grill? Or should I smoke tomorrow morning, trnasport hot, and then grill? My concern is letting too much time pass while the meat is hot may be a risk.
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Nothing like a last minute question.


If you're worried about food safety, better cook them today. Cool quickly and double wrap in foil. Take them out and warm them on the grill.

You can smoke them, double wrap them and they'll hold in a cooler and stay "warm". You could also add some heat in there to keep them hot.

Or go early, take you smokette (or whichever you have) and smoke them there.
Thanks Smokin,

Leaning towards just transporting warm. Should be about 3 hours until I can get them on a grill, which I would think would be fine. I'll double wrap in foil, newspaper, and throw them in a cooler. I'll rinse the cooler with hot water. Any easy suggestions for adding heat to the cooler?

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