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Exhausting thread there, Smokin. Whew!
Great to see you in there as Peace Maker and guru...

I'm running to keep up, but still uncertain.

Assuming NO nitrite brine or rub, can you EVER get a smoke ring? In electric? In offset charcoal? I'm not clear on that distinction.

But, I've got to say, the smoke ring "looks good." That's wierd, isn't it. But human...

And, because these beef people keep sneaking up with unsolicited 10% brine, I am no longer certain what I have done or not done with my smoker; whether I created the smoke ring by judicious smoking, or the butcher-man did it with foriegn substances.

Yup interesting bunch.

I2, I think the SR discussion is one of those that regardless of what the food scientists tell us, some will believe what they want to believe. And that's okay.


The scientists tell us it is the Nitrites that cause the SR. The was an excellent article in the BBQer a couple of months back by a guy from Iowa in the Food Science that explained it well.

As the smoke carries the nitrites, then whatever is producting the smoke has to carry nitrites in it.

Because the CS doesn't burn enough wood to carry enough nitrites, it can't produce a smoke ring. But it produces enough smoke to flavor the meat properly.


Looks like you are still stirring up the old smoke ring discussions, and it certainly leads to informative posts.

I read the posts on the other sites and here and saw no references to using a small piece of charcoal in a Cookshack (along with the usual amount of wood chunks) to get a smoke ring on a brisket/pork butt/or ribs- seems to work for me when I want to see a smoke ring.

Maybe, I missed this in reviewing the threads?
I've mentioned the subject several times about adding charcoal (lump works best) to create a smoke ring.

Also, if you leave the old wood that you smoked with, it's turn to charcoal of a sort and you can leave it in there and just add new wood.

The discussion in BBQSearch was about adding TQ, so that's what I answered as I knew the thread would head the direction it did.

Smokin, were you bored? You felt like you needed some entertainment. Well it worked! Big Grin Always interesting read. Amazing how people jump up ready over seemingly little things. I mean if you were flaming someones samples or homebrews thats one thing but. Keep it up, it was snowing heavily here yesterday and I couldn't find anyone in their office so that was much better then solitare.
Nope not bored. 2003 has enough for me to do. And I wasn't even trying to bate everyone into a discussion.

I just knew we had pictures on this forum that would answer his questions and POOF! it exploded Wink

Plenty to do and not enough time to do it, and now it's really getting close to Q'in season. I've made my plans for Memphis in May again, I've got a few more friends entered this year and made some new ones too.

And the website, and Q U and too many others things...

But thanks for askin' Big Grin

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