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I've noted a lot of discussions concerning smoke profile and smoke rings on the forum. On my FEC, I've noticed that the Bigger the load of ribs, and the colder the meat, the more pronounced the smoke ring.

The 40 rack (120 lb) smoke took seven hours and ribs were pink all the way thru. The 20 rack smoke yesterday (69 Lbs) took five hours and ribs were also pink all the way thru. The 20 racks were also very cold, a couple might have had some frozen parts toward the middle.

I've also noticed that when I only do one to three racks, that the smoke ring is normally not all the way thru with the inside around the bone about a quarter inch or so is grey.
Curious about this, I googled a little and found this very informative post. It’s kind of scientific-sounding, but interesting.
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I've looked for over 10 years and have never found any food science proof that 140 is a specific temp. Funny, but 140 is the top temp in the danger zone.

There IS some temp where it stops happening, I've just never been able to find proof. Just one of those BBQ Myths I can't prove or disprove. Always trying to figure that one out.

Do some google in this forum, we've got a lot of good info. The SR is cause by Nitrates/Nitrates. It's simple curing the outside of the brisket just like you would some ham to make it pink

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