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I just made a pulled pork butt.
Here is another way on how to smoke a pork butt to get bbq pulled pork.

Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Butt Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning in a Vertical Smoker
3 oz’s brown sugar rub
10 lbs. pork butt
THERMAL MASS insulate from wind and cold Play sand
dry (not wet) apple & hickory wood chunks
water/drip pan
This took 16 hours
4 hours of smoke.
Cooked the pork butt at
outside air temp:
26 °F
-3 °C

Target Meat temp for
BBQ Pulled pork:
91- 95°C
A.k.a. the pull temp

Rub Used:
Grill Mates

If you would like to see more with videos check it out!
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