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Have to pass on my results from my first try at smoking cheese. Here goes...
1lb Sharp cheddar cut into 3 pieces
1 ECB (no water in the pan)
4 charcoal briquets
1-2 oz cherry and mesquite chips
Air temp 65 degrees

placed the four briquets in smoker, soaked chips in foil on top of them. Cheese on top rack. Temp rose to 105 quickly. removed one briquet, temp dropped to 99. let go for about 1 hour after smoke started. Removed paper toweled the oil of and put in fridge.

Brought a chunk in to work today to rave reviews. I thought it might be a little to much smoke but everyone said it was great. Much easier than I thought it was going to be. Starting to get orders for more. Hmmmmmm......
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