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I'm drinking a cup of coffee made from beans I just finished cold smoking with cherry.

I put a layer of beans in a pan.

Pan of ice over the baffle in the 055.

Placed about 1 1/2 oz of cherry in the box.

Set at 150 for 20 minutes and then off.

Let smoke for about 40 minutes with temp rising to 100.

Grind.... French Press.....

Nice suttle but present smoke flavor to the coffee.......

Is there no end to this madness?


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Originally posted by Smokin Joe Johnson:
Now there is something I hadn't thought of smoking! What made you think of that Richard?

Actually, I haven't a clue.

Just seemed a natural thing to try.....

Something has to go in the smoker everyday it seems so there you go.

In the short time I've had my 055 I've done:

1 brisket
3 boston butts
1 shoulder
blue fish
baked beans
3 batches of wings
one wild turkey leg
Jerusalem artichokes
one half of an oven stuffer chicken
several batche of homeade sausage including bratwurst and venison.

Going out fishing today and if I bring home a striper (rock fish/striped bass) I'll throw that in.

If it sits still and fits it gets smoked!


Doc, dont forget to try and smoke some nuts and also some salt. I havent tried it yet but when I quit having middle aged man thoughs I shall do that. Also I have heard of folks smoking finely chopped fresh garlic. I was going to say let your imagination run wild.....but heck your well on your way.. Glad your enjoying your new smoker.


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