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Just wanted to share my thoughts on how the duck turned out today.
I searched the recipes, and the poultry section, not alot on duck so this is what I did.

Rubbed the duck with olive oil, and then covered with cookshack spicy chicken rub. ( I should have probably let it sit over night, but didn't have time yesterday. Let it sit for a couple hours )
Set the smoker for 250, used one small bag of cherry pellets from BBQ'ers delight, Candy's. Looked for an internal temp. of 180, on the thigh.

After 2 1/2 hours she hit 180.


This is what turned out really nice. I found a recipe for this glaze in the where there's smoke, there's flavor book.
Didn't have all the marmalades that they called for so I used:

1 small jar of orange marmalade
1 small jar of pineapple marmalade
an equal amount of honey (1 of the same small jar)
1/4 cup of lemon juice
small section of fresh ginger root, cut up very fine
1 tsp of tabasco
I mixed this all together, brought to a boil and then simmered for about 15 minutes.

After I took the duck out of the smoker, I cut it in half. Had the oven preheated to 400. Covered the duck with the glaze and then popped it in the oven to crisp up a bit.

Overall it turned out very very nice. Had a very good smoke flavor, maybe just a touch too much. The glaze was really nice, it could be used with other poultry dishes as well. My wife's family really enjoyed it, and we eat a lot of duck in Taiwan. Mainly the "Peking Duck" style. It was something that definitely could sell here in Taiwan.
Best regards to everyone. Steve.
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Willy, the duck here is farm raised. It wasn't really fatty at all. I can't really compare to back home, or to wild duck for that matter, never had one before.
Duck farming here is as big as chicken farming.
You can pick up a duck anywhere from the morning market to the local super market. My cost for a whole duck, ready to go was about 5.25 $ US.
Sorry I couldn't really help you on the fatty issue.

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