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I don't have an AmeriQue. However I do burgers with either the FEC 100 or the FEpc1000. Temp is at 275-300 takes about 10 minutes per side to reach Med or approx 145.

Maybe you can do some adjustments for your AmeriQue.

Just started my pc1000 for pizza. the temp is 10 with a wind chill od 20 below.

Not sure how you looked but it's there, it's all in how you search. I know it can be confusing sometimes.

Check out this link for how to search:

When I did an advanced search and checked just "title" I got two. If you don't select title you'll need to be more specific, with it searching "smoked hamburger" I got 161 hits.

This search was just "hamburger" in title:
Search on "hamburger" in title only

Me? I don't smoke hamburger, that's what a grill is for, but I also don't smoke steak. I just get too much smoke in the other foods, but hey, we're here to help.

Hope one of the links gets you some info, let us know if you do it and how it works for you.

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