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I took a look through the forum search and couldn't find anything on this topic. Has anyone smoked olives before?

My boss suggested it as he had tasted them before but he didn't have a recipe. I found a couple idea looking around the net like this one ->

but thought I would see if anyone had done it with a cookshack.
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Here's a recipe I saw online somewhere quite a while back, poster said it was from the Smoke & Spice cookbook.

"You start off with some olives with character, like Greek kalamata or atalanti.

Put about 1 cup or so of olives in a shallow tray along with 2 T EVOO, 2 T white wine, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 3/4 tsp dried oregano and ground pepper.

Get your smoker going on indirect heat to about 220. I used cherry for the smoke.

Let 'em soak up the smoke for about an hour and take 'em off.

I refrigerate them overnight to let the smoke flavor get deep into the olives."

Also remember seeing somewhere that the brined olives take on smoke better than the oil packed olives.

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