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I am looking for an idea and recipe for doing a smoked salmon filet for dinner. I can do this on the gas grill, and not get the smoke flavor, or do it in the smoker and not get the grill marks. I am thinking about doing a marinade, and then use a smoking hot grill to get the sear, and finish in the smoker.
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I just did some salmon last week. Salmon has texture and taste that to me doesn't need any help. My wife and I like to use a little bit of EVO salted and pepper with a little bit of rosemary. I will 2 stage it. 200 degrees smoke for 20 minutes. Then finish it hot fast at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. If you can't get that hot in your smoker we have brought them in and finished in a hot pan. Served with white rice and asparagus. One of our favorite meals! MMM
The only way my wife will like salmon is done in the smoker! We usually use a marinade or I prefer a mix of lemon and lime juice with butter added and some sautéed onions. My wife has used a mango salsa sometimes but it varies. Whatever tastes good.

I usually put the salmon in a Pyrex dish and pour the sauce over it. Put it in the 055 for about an hour and a quarter at 225. It's excellent.
Does your wife like Cajun type flavoring at all?
Very simple what we do when we want it quick but really good.

Buy some frozen Cajun/blackened spice covered salmon filets at Sams. They come several filets to a bag. thaw. put in cold smoker and set temp to 300. I use alder chips. Pull the salmon out at 130 to 135 IT. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then enjoy with some asparagus on the side.
Probably only takes 40 minutes to get up to temp. Quick and easy meal.

I realize it isn't gourmet, but on a weeknight, it is quick and convenient. (and smoked)

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