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I am embarking on a sausage/meat smoking journey. I made many fresh sausages and really bad smoked ribs, now I am ready for smokimg.

Can I get a quality product from cookshack, I do not want a so so taste I want really good smoked sausage, or shoujld I buy a cookshack for ribs and meats >170 degree temp. and a sausage smoker such as the "sausage maker" models with a damper on the stack to reduce moisture?

Happy to buy 2 smokers if required but hoping to get one dual purpose and a bit larger if it works. ''

If you were to do it again woujld you use one or 2. Thoughts from the experts appreciated...
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Great question. I am also looking into a smoker that will serve a dual purpose. I too make sausage. Talked to a rep at Cookshack and after speaking with her I believe their product will serve my purpose. I would like to hear from someone who actually smoke sausage, but did not actually fully cooked them, if that makes sense.
Originally posted by sausagedog:
... I want really good smoked sausage...

Smoke "flavor" is so subjective. Some people buy a CS, put one wood chunk in and feel it's oversmoked. Other, buy one, load it up with mesquite and say it's not smokey enough.

Best thing going for a CS is a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you go up the page a little, I added a new forum this week "why buy a cookshack / which one" and you'll see plenty of questions very similar.

Just about any smoker will work to make sausage, if you can control the environment (temp, humidity)

And of course, there is this sausage forum to help.

Good luck in your search.
Check out the following link:
My second sausage attempt

I can assure you, the cookshack smokers produce a quality product. For me, creating a recipe was more of a hassle than anything. I guess you could just purchase a premix sausage mix and just smoke; however, I feel writing your own recipe is always more rewarding.

Just a quick note, I purchased a model 50 since I wanted to make larger sausages. I don't have any experience with smaller cookers.

I have been for the past several years, traveling more than 2hrs to a premier sausage maker for all my sausage needs. My buddy who also goes with me said after tasting my second attempt, "I guess we won't be going to &**%#@*#@$ anymore for our summer sausage."

Good luck.
The cookshack does well on large diameter sausages like trail bologna. How ever I gave up trying to smoke smaller diameter sausages (keilbasi, slim jims etc.)in the cookshack.
It is not the flavor of the sausage, it is hard to get the color for the product. I believe it has to do with the lack of air flow and there is too much humidity in the box to get the proper smoked color.
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