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Van De Camps, so this is a souped up (to coin a phrase) can of store bought baked beans. I had an ex whose mother made great baked beans by a simple store bought can, she added molases, that's the only thing I know. She didn't like me, no big deal there she didn't like anyone, including her husband. Awesome stuff guys!
Saturday night we had seven guests over for dinner, drinks, conversation and some laughs. We had choice cut marinated New York strip steaks perfectly grilled to medium rare and medium. Threw in some of Smokin's beans, Caesar salad, red potato salad, and garlic bread. Cheesecake with strawberries for dessert. Wine, beer and margaritas were flowing. Some cheese prosciutto roll, artichoke/jalapeno dip with Peta chips and my smoked almonds for appetizers.

Wow. You'd think these people never had smoked food in their life. They liked the steaks and other stuff but couldn't stop talking about the sides--smoked BBQ beans and the smoked almonds. For the beans, I followed Smokin's recipe and added mustard, garlic and a ton of previously smoked brisket (this could have been a meal all by itself). The almonds were simply smoked with Worcestershire and garlic for seasoning. 2nd and 3rd servings on the beans.

When everyone left, several people requested takeouts on the beans and even the almonds. Filled up zip lock bags and off they went. I made about 1.5 lbs more beans than Smokin's recipe calls for and added about 2-2.5 lbs of brisket. We only had 25% left, and that's cause I had them in a separate container hidden in the garage fridge (couldn't get them all into our largest casserole). Interestingly, we had left over strip steaks--no requests.

Another great evening assisted by Cookshack and this forum. I think Cookshack is going to get some more smoker orders.

The next night we attended a barbecue at another friends, and the beans were the center of conversation. I guess they liked them. Big Grin
I am finally going to try Smokin Okies beans for a tailgate this weekend. Go Steelers!!! I am going to make a smaller batch the day before with nothing else in my SM025. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have made them before. What temperature do you recommend? Would a higher temp. be better to get more smoke since there will not be a cold butt in the smoker? How much hickory? Is 3 hours uncovered and 2 hours covered a good guideline. I know it is done when it is done but just looking for a guideline since others have posted that they only cook them 2-3 hours. Thanks.
Originally posted by Big Snack:
.. What temperature do you recommend? Would a higher temp. be better to get more smoke since there will not be a cold butt in the smoker?

Realize that higher temps mean less, not more smoke as 1) the wood burns more efficienty and 2) the beans spend less time in smoke.

The recipe says 225 for temp.

I didn't mention bumping up the temp on purpose as many people are cooking them with something else and I don't want to recommend bumping the temp if other food is in there.

For my own, I do them 3 hours at 225 and then bump up to 275 to finish. Usually 1, but no more than 2 more hours. Really depends on the container you use and how many beans in the container.

cook them to taste as you can cook them longer and get mushy (overcooked) beans
Well, last week I did a real nice pork butt and decided to smoke a nice batch of Smokin's BBQ Beans. I followed his recipe and smoked them with hickory for 5 hours at 235* mixing them a couple times along the way.

Well, I did make a few minor adjustments. I added 1/3 cup mustard, fairly heavy garlic, and 1/3 cup of Jack Daniels. They turned out great. We've had them for dinner a few nights. I had them by themselves for lunch the other day. MMmmm. MMmmm. Good. No Beano Todd.
well i went to the store and bought the biggest can of beans i could find guess they didnt have the super big ones i did get two cans that were 28 ounce cans i think they said 1 lb 12oz cans. With using two of these cans i guess i will need to use less of the ingrediants im guessing any help or opinions on this. Still should i plan on cook time 3 hours uncovered and 2 hours covered in the smoker at 225?
ok i i can do 2 hour uncovered and 2 hours covered. I thought it said 3 uncovered and 2 covered but that is probably for a bigger batch of beans. What if i left them in 4 hours total uncovered would they be ok? I am planning on checking the ribs at the 4 hour mark and didnt want to open the door till then. Any suggestions?
Hi all,

I smoked a pork butt Sunday (started Saturday night), and decided to do some SmokinOakie beans. I basically did the SmokingDuffy mod - two cans of Bush's beans, brown sugar, molasses, bourbon (of course!), sauteed onion and bell pepper, strips of bacon on top in an aluminum pan. I put 'em in under the butt for the last 3-4 hours of the smoke and added a chunk of pecan when they went in. I actually forgot the BBQ sauce - would have been good.

Man, these beans were good. We had them for dinner Sunday night and I enjoyed them - although the pecan may have been a little too "smokey". I served reheated pulled pork and the beans again on Monday night, and the beans had mellowed out, letting the sweetness of the molasses come out a little more. Yum yum.


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