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Thanks Tom for the info. It was a company that sells shreaded pork and they were showing how it was cooked. It looked like the pieces were around a 1/2 lb or so and they smoked it for 5-6 hrs. I have done whole shoulders and they turn out great after the learning curve. I was just thinking it would be a shorter cook time and maybe more smoke flavor.

Yep,but keeping in mind that a pork steak,1/2 in thick,sliced across the butt,fried in a 350* skillet,2 mins on a side will be done-according to the gov't.

Not sure it could be pulled,or bitten thru.

Now down in Todd's neck of the woods,there are machines by Hobart called Buffalo choppers.You can drop a whole raw butt,bones and all in it,and it comes out like toothpicks.

Add a head of cabbage and you have slaw for the sandwich. Big Grin

Maybe it was Curley's,or some other mass market grocery seller.The sauce could be the main ingredient?
Yep,there reasons/needs to cook less when dollars are at stake.
Across Fl,butts would be cooked to about 170*-175* at all the chain restaurants.There would be less cooking time,less shrinkage,more weight on the serving plate.
Until Smokey Bones came around,you got thick sliced pork roast,usually fatty.

Beef was round,cooked about 160* and thin sliced on a commercial slicer.

BBQ chicken was normal,and ribs were often cooked in steamers and finished on a grill.
Fried catfish and a salad bar were the other items.

Typically a full liquor bar.

Breakfast was usually a standard.

We have a great volume of bbq places,but the quality is pretty sparse,because the dollar dictates.

Several states across the South would undercook and chop with two cleavers,for the same reasons.

Others might cook whole hogs and chop everything but the squeal. Big Grin

Yep,for "good pulled pork",like Smokin' says'" ITS DONE WHEN ITS DONE",but it sure is worth it.

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