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Found some beef cheeks on sale for $1.99/lb, to bad they were frozen in a big block and butcher cut them into frozen 3in X 3in X 6in blocks,so decide to try smoking them after thawing. Found a recipe on web that saturate in soy sauce and cover the in sirachi sauce and then sprinkle granulated garlic on top. Set smoker 235 deg with 3 oz wood and smoke 2 hrs then foil and go for another 2 hrs. Let cool 15 min covered, then used meat for tacos, enchiladas etc.
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Brings back some great moments with beef cheeks! Aren't cheeks great? Search this forum for "beef cheeks" and you'll find a thread from 2011, continued in 2016, where a few of us managed to make some pretty good cheeks. As I recall, lots of low cooking to render all the gristle and fat left some really good pulled meat. I'm glad to see you've also discovered this guilty pleasure. Everyone should try them when they can find them. I think those in the southwest or with hispanic markets in the area will have the most luck.

According to my point of view, you need to know to perfectly smoke beef cheeks:

1. Start with a well trimmed muscle.
2. Rub generously with a simple blend of coarse black pepper and kosher salt. I use 2 parts pepper to 1 part salt.
3. Place the well-seasoned cheeks in a smoker at 275f, and cook for approximately 5 hours until you reach an internal temperature of 210f.
4. At this temperature, they can be either pulled or sliced.

If you follow in the desired steps so you will definitely use & also tried foiling, but found it an unnecessary step. 

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