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I know when you smoke fresh sausage it must be cured. Would it be safe to smoke store bought Italian sausage, the ingredients list Nitrates & Nitrites. Is there enough of those ingredients to be considered cured. I really like Italian sausage and think it would be great smoked.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I really don't know how much of the nitrates & trites they used so its hard to tell if its enough. However, if you're just gonna smoke & eat for a meal, there isn't anything wrong with putting it in the smoker at a t-stat setting of 150- 170. Take it to an internal of about 155 then pour on the peppers & onions and eat away!

Except for the smoke, it would be little different than grilling them by indirect heat.

I agree with the above. The only point to nitrates/nitrites is if you are trying to cold smoke and then store them for a while.

Store bought will often use the nitrates/nitrites as a preservative just for a little margin of safety because of the extra handling that is inherent in sausage making.

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