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Cypress is a "conifer," an "evergreen." I wouldn't use it!

a. Any of various evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Cupressus, native to Eurasia and North America and having opposite, scalelike leaves and globose woody cones.
b. Any of several similar or related coniferous trees, such as the bald cypress.
c. The wood of any of these trees.

Kind of like smoking with pine.

Stick with hardwoods and fruit & nut trees and you'll do fine!

Cypress will be great for the table. It should last forever. Just don't cook with cypress!

For smoking traditional style meat, poultry or fish. I would also not use any sort of conifer. I’m researching Chinese Tea smoked Duck and the smoking blend consists of Cypress twigs, Camphor leaves and Jasmine Tea leaves. I’m guessing it specifies twigs because they may not have as much sap as the trunk? Just guessing, I haven’t tried it yet. I may just use the Tea and camphor leaves and use cherry or Apple wood. 

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