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and I have done- 6 racks of baby back ribs, 3 racks of spare ribs, one 10lb butt, and one 4.5lb flat-cut brisket. Let me tell you, what a great investment this has been. I am actually selling a butt to my neighbor for a party she is having. She bragged about her braising recipe for butt until I gave her a chuck of what I did and changed her mind real quick. Everything has turned out great- even the flat-cut brisket that gets a bad name (Scam's Club didn't have the entire brisket). Yes the end was a little well done but I chopped that up and threw it in some rice. So here are some notes from a newbie that I would like to pass along:
-Read and make notes of what people are writing in these forums. I did my baby backs on 225 for 4 hours and didn't open the door- came out great.
-Make sure you purchase the following- Heavy Duty Alum Foil, Disposable Half Size Steam Table Pans (for drip pan and throw right away), Pam or any other spray oil for grates, Paper towels for clean up, and disposable gloves to handle food).
-Involve your kids, wife, lover, etc- I have my wife do the foil on the smoker box lid and bottom of smoker and season the food while I rub- she actually feels involved and we can brag together.
-Have faith in your probe's temperature.
-Don't open the door to check on progress. Like Smokin' says- "It's done when it's done".
-Experiment- I did both baby backs bones side up and down and I preferred the bone down more- the texture was just more firm.
-Lastly, I disagree with someone wrote to not try new recipes on your guests. If you have basic knowledge, read the forums, and use good product- your guests will not only be your best critic- too smokey, too salty, perfect, etc but they will appreciate your efforts. My friends know that a BBQ at my house will provide something special.

I hope this helps to some of the new folks and even the old timers to enjoy this great purchase we have made. I asked my wife last night if she is getting tired of BBQ and her response over eating the brisket was "Not if you keep producing meat like this"!
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Way to go! Two things:

1. I like my ribs cooked bone side down also.
2. Are you sure you didn't write the book Tom Sawyer what with getting your wife to "help" with the Qing. My wife likes waiting for the results of my efforts. Says she doesn't want to spoil anything. Big Grin Actually, she does the sides, prepares everything else. I'm the Q guy. We team up that way. Sometimes I help with the sides also. Shhsssshh. Don't tell her how easy Cookshack makes it for us.
3. My friends also like me "experimenting" with them also. At worst, they wind up getting pretty decent Q. And often get great.
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Ha! I generally do all the cooking (except baking- I hate measuring) and she does all the cleaning. And man do I use some dishes!!! I think she realizes how easy it is because I am not swearing as often as I used to with my old smoker! Can't wait to do your Almond recipe this weekend. I didn't think I had a habit forming personality but Cookshack changed all that.

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