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Did my first smoke with the SM025 last night.

6.15 lb PB.... put it in when I got off work at 5 pm with it cold and the smoker cold, set it to 225 and let it do it's thing all night long.

Took it off at 5:30 am this morning and it looked perfect, did the FTC and headed to work.... can't wait to blow this joint and get home in a few minutes to dig into it.

For the previous 7 years I have been using a Bradley and it always struggled to hold 225, hot, cold, it didn't matter.... but..... it always cooked similar PB's in 7 to 8 hours tops!!!

Ya'll think the temp gauge must have been VERY wrong and I had been cooking at a much higher temp than I thought all those years? I just can't think of any other logical explanation as to why the extra time in the much more efficient CS that held at a perfect 225 the entire cook?
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Well of course I haven't that would be too easy! Big Grin

Seriously though, I always assumed the Bradley temp gauge was fairly close but I'm guessing I was always smoking at much higher temps which surprises me because it always came out good and moist...

I just got in the habit of putting one on at midnight and it would be ready at 7-8 the next morning. Luckily I read a lot on this forum before the first one on the new CS. Because of your recommendations on the estimated cooking times I put in on at 5 pm and right on cue it was ready at 5:30 am as I got up to head to work. I'll be honest though I wasn't entirely trusting as I set my alarm for 2 am and got up to check on it in case you were wrong! Wink Next go round I'll get a full nights sleep!

I'll do a search on testing the probe, seems I saw a thread on that... As far as the Bradley I'll let one of my less fortunate friends I'm giving it to do that, I'm done cooking on it for good!

BTW the butt was one of my best ever and my wife absolutely went nuts over your Virgin Mustard sauce recipe that I made up!

Thanks for helping to make my first smoke on the CS successful! Big Grin
When I teach class, the #1 thing I start with is do you KNOW what temp you're cooking at?

If you've never tested the gauge it came with? then no.

If you've never tested the distance between where the gauge probe is and the cooking grates? then no.

see a trend ???

With all things being equal, that big a difference is the cooking temp


CS do sometimes take longer, has to do with the design of them holding in so much humidity, it's seems to make them take just a bit, but not a lot longer
Like Smokin' says,the butt is overwhelmingly the most forgiving[hardest to mess up] product you are likely to cook.You might cook it for 3 hrs,or 23 hrs at 180*-380* and worst case you will wind up with a decent meal. Cool

For all other products we stress learn your cooker first,and then learn the product and keep it simple.

First thing is we check the therm for about 32* in ice water and 212* in boiling water and record your variation.

Next, many like to run the cooker,preferably with a large butt as a heat sink at 250* for a couple of hrs.

Now,check the ACTUAL cooking temp at the different surfaces you might cook at.

Record these and note the variation from what the settings are showing.

Now,you are close to ready to start your VERY FIRST cook.

Enjoy and keep those good notes,as many of our cookers have a mind of their own.

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