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This is my second post to the forum and I wanted to attempt to give something back to all the great people here Big Grin

My mother and Grandmother made what I think was the best cornbread. It was not sweet and had a dark brown crust. It took me about 10 years after getting married to figure out how to make it. I find even my "northern" friends like it and my mom approves.

When I moved to my new house we had a glass cooktop stove and I had to learn to make it without a cast iron skillet. Well, nuff said. Here it is. Simple. Like smokin, no exact recipe.

Small batch: 8" skillet

In a 2 qt. bowl whisk 1 egg.
Add about 2 cups buttermilk (I use non fat)exact amount doesn't matter, I don't measure, you will use about the same amount of buttermilk as cornmeal. Whisk together with wire whisk or fork to mix (don't overmix).
Add a dash of oil if you like. Salt is good, brings out the flavor.
Sun dried tomatoes with the oil they are packed in are very nice added at this point (break them up if you like)
Add Martha White Self Rising Buttermilk Cornmeal to make a batter like thick pancake batter. It will thicken up more if it sits a couple of minutes. Make sure it is not to dry.

Traditionally, pour /scrape this mix into a seasoned cast iron skillet (never use soap on your cornbread skillet, just rinse with hot water), that you have preheated to almost (about 400F) to the point a few ounces of oil will smoke when you add it just before pouring in the batter (If to hot will burn crust). Use bacon drippings instead of oil if you have them for better taste (Yum Smiler. When you add the batter the oil should wrap up the sides of the batter and maybe a little onto the top when you pat the batter down with your spoon. Place in a preheated 450F oven for about 20 minutes or until top is light/medium brown. You should have some good bark on the bottom when you turn this bottom side up onto a plate (dark brown not black).

Serve with real butter hot out of the oven for some good eats.

Not bad with those veggies right out of the garden.

Oh yeah, I now use a thick (1/4" or more) aluminum non stick skillet (about 8", just two of us)that will go into the oven. The more mass the better the crust will be. You have to have something that will hold some heat when preheating for the bottom to crust. Got it at TJMax will post photo if there is interest.

Just use 2 eggs and more "other stuff for a larger skillet"

Love all you guys!

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Charles, the sun dried tomatoes sound great....this is how I make my cornbread.....I have a cast iron skillet that only bakes cornbread!!!!!! Like you said preheated with some bacon grease works best!!!!

Hmmmmm!!!! I'm gettin hungry!!


Almost forgot......grind up some fresh ground black pepper on top before placing in oven!!!!

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