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First off, thanks again to all of you--Been Q'in almost every weekend now, and have pulled off great ribs and butts every time!! My neighbor, who does some smoking of fish and much grilling has now crowned me the "rib king". Woohoo! You have all been an incredible source of information.

At any rate, I do have a question. I *really* enjoy spicy foods--we are talking, SPICY. We're talkin' if 5 stars is the spiciest on your menu, give me a 10.

I have found that Stogie's beef jerky recipe goes great with a whole bottle of specialty hot sauce (usually habenero [sp?]), WAY too much cayenne, black and red crushed peppers (gives a good kick at the beginning, and lingers afterward as well)!

Anybody out there have good recipes for extreme spicey foods on the ol' smoker? I would be interested to give them a shot!

Incidentally, I have experimented with the hot sauces, but am constantly concerned that the resulting vinegar content in my marinade could break down the meat prematurely and result in odd consistancies in the food. Alternately, if you just make any glaze or finishing sauce spicy, it really loses something--IMHO, there is really a benefit in having the entire dish spiced up during cooking. Any thoughts on this?
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I like spicey foods and grow my own japs and habs here in Fl.

You can smoke dry peppers in your cooker and they are tasty.

You can order the powdered forms and add them to your rubs.

I doubt the vinegar in sauces will affect anything, except some chicken or fish over long periods of time.

The simple solution is to inject whatever you are cooking,as the Cajuns do.

I find that I enjoy the subtle flavors of the cooked product,if I don't overspice it in the cooking process.

I get more from both,if I serve the sauce separately from the meat.

Here is a link to Konrad's web page,out in your neck of the woods.

You can make these with habs,or a mixture,or add a sliver of hab to each ABT.

Use cheap thin bacon and cook at 225�-250�in your CS.

There are even custom holders to cook them in, from Cookshack.

I also make Texas hotlinks,that you can heat up to your personal taste.

I use a technique,that I borrowed from Stogie, to make skinless sausages without a lot of the fuss.

Wow! Great link!! Thanks for the ideas, it looks like we'll have to try some of those!

Smoking some peppers sounds wonderful, and I'm hoping to try my first batch of them on Saturday. It's looking like we'll have to get extra and make some of those "Atomic Buffalo Turds on the Half Shell"* LOL

As for injecting, I may have to try it -- I have not injected yet, but it can't be harder than refilling my printer's ink cartridges Big Grin

Of course, the added bonus of cooking high heat foods is that my wife HATES it and always requests a "no heat" version! This means that I get to make 2 batches of Q -- great excuse to cook more!!


2ndhandsmoker Wink
tjr -- I didn't actually use white pepper, but you can bet that this will go on the next batch! That ought to give it more kick! Spontaneous combustion, huh? LOL! So perhaps it is time to market a "self pulling" pork?

Tom -- I'll look for that! After a little googling, I was unable to find the Heinz specifically, but I think that I see some others that look like what you describe. The needle on those things are enough to give ya nightmares, though! Darn near as big as the one that they stuck in my wife's back during labor as she screamed, "DRUGS! DRUGS!!" Eeker

White pepper adds sort of a musky, fermented spiciness. And fresh ground is more so. Cracked mustard seed is good too, but might be too mild for your liking.

Our KMart had a ton of the Heinz injector bottles, plus another kind with a brush top. The needles are pretty big, no need to worry about getting poked, plus they clean up nicely in the dishwasher. I rather doubt they're made by Heinz.

Garden Ridge had similar no-name ones in their outdoor stuff, too.
Right on! Thanks!

I have already started the smoker today, no beef jerky as planned, and nothing to inject--just some ribs and ABTs for today. We're keeping it simple for today's Q. Long story....

At any rate, on the Atomic Buffalo Turds, I couldn't bear to toss the Jalapeno seeds, so I took the seeds, ground them up, and added them into the filling mixture. I let it macerate for a few hours before setting on the grill. After the additional tweaks to the filling, it had some pretty good kick--and GREAT flavor as well! I'll let you know how they turn out!


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