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Hey guys .. what have you all done to raise the level of the Smoker to make it easier to look inside without bending or stooping ..

Could you post your pictures of what you have built or used .. since then all of us could take a look at what others have done ..

I saw that cookshack is selling a stand .. does any one know if it�s waterproof .. since I would love to leave my smoker outside instead of lugging it in and out of the garage � and I would not want the items inside to get wet ..
I did purchase their cover �

Thanks for the replies .
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Not to stifle creativity,which I'm short of. Big Grin

The used office supply stores, and some of the school systems, spend a fortune for electronic equipment stands and sell them for almost scrap prices.

They tend to have heavy casters,durable materials and proper working heigth,and may have their own electric connections.

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