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First time pastrami effort planned for this weekend. Past threads on pastrami note after smoking it, to then refrigerate it overnight with weights, and finally to steam it for a first-class product. Wondering if I could skip the refrigerator step and go straight to the steaming step after smoking it?
Also after meat reaches 165* or so in the smoker,any thoughts on whether foiling with some liquid (such as a little water) and right back into smoker until meat temp reaches 185* would produce similar results to steaming?
Wanting to smoke & eat the pastrami the same day if possible.
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Just saw this.

I think the problem with going straight to steaming is you won't have much effect. As the brisket is already cooked and steam is at 212, then you really don't get much effect from the steaming.

I believe the idea is that you need to cool it so that it takes a few hours of steaming. Now, they steam because they like to have really tender pastrami.

Me, I'm still experimenting. I'm not the Pastrami expert, but I'm working on it.

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